26 Jun

Companies have already long utilized time clocks in order to track their employee's hourly attendance the total time spent on their work. Also, the attendance clocks have been conventionally mechanical punches wherein it literally punches time slots to time cards of employees. As technology become advanced and entered various workplaces, a lot of facilities have started to utilized digital online time clock programs, which needs their employees to time in and time out utilizing a computer and the employee's identification card instead of using the conventional mechanical punch card and time clocks. Learn the usage of time card app.

As the technology of workplaces continue to grow, a brand new type of attendance management has also improved in which it automates a lot of manual procedures needed by the computer and mechanical time sheets. The online time clock programs are web-based wherein it permits employees to time in from an IP-enabled machine or web browser. The web based online time clocks could significantly reduce attendance and time errors while dramatically cutting back on the total time spent on data management in human resources and payroll.

The online time clock programs collect accurate attendance data

The web-based attendance programs enable staffs to time in from their computers, hand held IP devices, IP phones, or wall-mounted IP machines. The staffs can now time in directly from the places where they will start working. This simply means that an employee will not time in until they were able to reach their working station, permitting their employers to gather more accurate tabs on genuine working hours.

Avoid possibility of time theft and friend punching

The web-based attendance program could easily be allowed to operate with biometric scanners or ID badge readers. By requiring staffs to punch in utilizing their unique fingerprints, ID badges, or handprints makes it probable for staffs to engage in various time theft and friend punching activities.

Integrating attendance and time data into employee payroll and human resource records

The online Time Clock Wizard directly upload all the employee's attendance and time data to the master database wherein it can only be accessed by an authorized person. The human resource could quickly determine how much leave time a particular staff has left, what are his or her attendance rate and could be alerted whenever that employee is qualified for benefits. Also, the payroll could access all the relevant data of employees, eliminating the very time consuming manual access and the mistakes which might happen during manual data access.

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